7 Minimalist Clothing Brands for The Everyday Minimalist

Maybe you’re already familiar with the concept of minimalist fashion but, if you’re not, let me introduce you!

Minimalism takes a less is more approach, where purchases are made with intention. As minimalists, we strive to choose quality products that will be long-lasting and timeless.

Sure, fast fashion is fun for adding some trendy pieces to your wardrobe but continuously buying into them perpetuates a culture of wastage. Microtrends come as fast as they go and, once they’re gone, you no longer have use for that piece in your closet.

By adopting a minimalist mindset regarding your wardrobe, you’re choosing to invest in pieces that you’ll love and enjoy for years to come.

Don’t let the term minimalist fashion fool you; you can still look stylish and well put together. Minimalism does not mean boring!

To get you started, we’ve found seven minimalist clothing brands that offer a diverse range of items from underwear and basics to outerwear.


Price Range: $40 – $150

Able is dedicated to ending poverty by empowering and training women to earn a living wage and break the cycle of poverty. They’re committed to ensuring fair wages for all their workers, making them a standout example of an ethically conscious brand. They’ve also taken several steps to ensure their products are sustainably made with high-quality materials while adopting production processes less likely to damage the environment.

“Denim is infamously one of the dirtiest items to produce, but our vendor recycles 100% of their water so that it is environmentally safe.”

They offer a range of accessible, everyday pieces that are sure to live in your closet for a long time. They also carry a wide selection of authentic leather goods, from bags to shoes. By using scraps from the meat industry and repurposing them into beautiful pieces, they’re able to consume less energy than the process of producing vegan leather would.

2. Encircled

Price Range: $35 – $180

Encircled pride themselves on quality and local production of their garments. Their factory is a short distance away from HQ, allowing them to closely monitor that production quality standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Using a local factory enables them to ensure employees are paid living wages and are treated according to Fair Labor Standards.

“We can ensure our workers have a safe and happy work environment, feel respected, and are paid a fair wage – something that’s alarmingly hard to come by in the fashion industry.”

Their clothes have a comfort meets quality vibe, sure to please any minimalist that loves to keep their outfits practical.

3. Made Trade

Price Range: $30 – $500

Made Trade is a woman-owned, family-run company. The company was founded to help solve the problem of finding beautifully crafted, ethically sourced products for your home and wardrobe. With Fair Trade at the top of their core values, they ensure that products offered in their store are produced by workers paid a fair wage for their work. Heritage is another core value at the top of their list. They value traditional, heritage-specific techniques and hope to help preserve traditional artistry skills at risk of being lost to mass production and modernization. Many of their products are directly sourced from artisans all over the world, carrying on hundreds of years of tradition.

They also support BIPOC and women-owned businesses and promote products that are sustainability made.

Within their clothing selection, expect to find easy, breezy fabrics made into trendy and flattering silhouettes sure to please any Minimalist fashionista.

4. Intention

Price Range: $120-$400

We love the play on the word INTENTIONAL here. That’s precisely what they stand for; the belief that you should shop intentionally: “It sounds crazy, we know, but we only want you to buy when you feel that piece will become one of your favorites.”

This brand is on the higher end of this list, but they’re committed to producing multipurpose, versatile pieces that you can feel good in but also feel good about wearing. Rest easy knowing their products are made using sustainable materials and the latest advances in eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

5. Organic Basics

Price Range: $40 – $150

As the name might indicate, Organic Basics offers a range of basics from underwear and bras to lounge and activewear. With breathability and comfort in mind, many of their undergarment products are made with organic cotton, one of the most sustainably sourced fabrics available on the market.

What’s unique about this brand is the option to shop their “low-impact website,” linked at the top of their regular one. They are undoubtedly one of the first of their kind, taking digital sustainability into account.

7. Oh Seven Days

Price Range: $85 – $200

Oh Seven Days, based in Turkey, provides a solution for all the wastage caused by the fast-fashion market. Leftover fabric rolls from fast-fashion production are repurposed to create slow fashion pieces for women. With sustainability at the forefront of the core values, their garments are hand-made by a small team of tailors and sewers that are valued and honored for their skills and time.

Expect to find loose-fitting, easy silhouettes comfortable for many body types. Their pieces feel elevated yet casual and practical.

8. Neu Nomads

Price Range: $100-$300

Neu Nomads offers elevated pieces for the modern, minimalist woman. We love their elegant yet timeless silhouettes. With the primary goal of only using natural, plant-based fabrics such as linen and other breathable, sustainably sourced fabrics, their pieces will make you feel stylish, polished comfortable. These are pieces you’ll want to wear time and time again, never going out of fashion.

New Nomads is committed to reducing their environmental impact by using eco-friendly dyes in their garments, using a solar-powered factory, and committing to zero-waste packaging by replacing plastic poly bags with 100% biodegradable bags.

They strive for transparency in their production process and empower women and workers to work in a safe, clean environment while being paid a fair wage.

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Final Thoughts

Starting your journey toward building a minimalist wardrobe can be daunting if you don’t know where to start.

Whether you’re new to minimalist style or a seasoned veteran, we hope this list has proven helpful for discovering some new brands committed to maintaining high-qualitystandards and a dedication to sustainable production.


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